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     Momexx Wujiang is invested by MOMEXX Holland (1953-) with 2 Million Euro. located in Wujiang,Jiangsu, Momexx is only 100 kilometers from Shanghai, which is the biggest business center and seaport in China. Momexx provides our customers high-level injection molds and injection molded products and we have a wide range of products for various industries, automotive , Medical Use, food packaging etc. Supported by Momexx Holland, we acquires a lot of experience and process technology. Our main markets is in US and EU, our customers includes Volkswagen, Ford, FIAT Unilever etc. With an elite team of highly efficiency, from design, processing, production and integration services, we provide you with the most professional design, the most efficient way to lower your cost.

Mold design / technical support

Skilled use of UG/CAD/CAM/MOULD FLOW ANALYSIS, MOMEXX’s experienced engineering team provide technical support to your project. Momexx Holland have 60 years mold making experience,with their support,our engineer team can provides you more cost saving solutions and improve your design.

Mold processing / Testing Center

All our accuracy processing equipment located in a constant temperature. Our mold processing accuracy reaches to the international advanced level. Main equipment:: Makino EDM Machine,Sodick wire cutting Machine,Frank CNC center, surface grinder and various types of drilling, sawing, milling machine etc.

Injection mold / injection products

Momexx is a professional injection molding factory, our injection molding machines are from 55T~586T, we are fimiliar with all the injection process: Automotive mold injection, Package mold injection, medical mold ijection, mixing, high and low pressure injection molding, long glass fiber molding etc.

Main Features

Our Core Value: Shorter cycle time, Professional Design, Efficient Processing

Customer distribution

Services for Holland, Germany, France, Czech, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Korea and other well-known domestic enterprises

Company idea

High efficiency, innovation, unity and cooperation, excellent quality, professional services and create a first-class brand

Quality policy

Quality first, professional services, sustainable development, proactive, the courage to challenge and commitment

Service scope

Automotive industry, medical equipment, electronic components, sports equipment, food packaging, household appliances, medical appliances etc.

Company mission

To create a good environment for the industry to obtain the global support and recognition, to become a world-class enterprise

Design requirement

Optimization design, good communication, product development in strict accordance with the established plan requirements

Why choose Us?

We are the professional factory of injection, we have injection molding machine from 55T~586T, which is designed for production, we set up the mold machining center and testing center, mold machining center with constant temperature control of top processing equipment, mold processing precision reached the international advanced level of .

Momexx has an experienced team of engineering technology support for your project, if you need a beyond your desired mold design company, if you need a long-term cooperation and trust the team, then please contact us, we look forward to your call.

Check Our Services

Our Services

We are committed to high-end mold design and development, as well as the production of injection molding products. committed to providing integrated solutions.


Momexx has a high efficient and professional elite team of designers, can provide the most professional design for you.Proe, UG, Solidworks are our common use software.


According to your products drawing, we design and test the mold, we can also develop new products for our customers and help to improve our customer's product designs.


our processing center is equipped with high-Tech equipment, we can assemble,test and repair your mold with the most advanced technology.


We have a variety of injection molding machine(from 50-500T) , Demag dual-color machine. We do high/low pressure injection, all plastic resin covered.

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Equipment Display

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Injection Products

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Our Customer

Design and strong technical team, the successful experience of cooperation, standard operation system, a one hundred cent consultant service, personal service exclusive..

Automotive industry customer


Momexx has been serving the automotive industry for over 10 years, providing a wide range of injection molds and products for the world's leading manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Ford, and others;Momexx adhere to the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system, won the praise of the automotive industry customers.

Electronics industry customer


The electronics industry has special requirements on the mold and injection molding materials, anti-static, corrosion resistance, insulation, high precision, small deformation, etc.;Momexx rely on the rich experience and technology of Holland Momexx, provide a large number of production difficult, high precision requirements of the mold.

Packaging industry customer


Packaging industry on the product cycle and material waste rate are required, because the demand is very large. Momexx to Holland Momexx (1953-) as the backing, including Unilever, Sheng Sheng packaging and other industries to provide a large number of short molding cycle, saving materials, mold and products.

Other famous customers


Momexx customers covering various industries: medical、 home / office、 industrial equipment,、outdoor and so on;Momexx customers involved in the industry more and more widely distributed, and households are increasing, this is due to our quality and cost control efforts and the pursuit of our trust;

What people say

  • "We are very happy to work with Momexx, we are impressed by their professionalism and efficiency"

    Mike Brown / Division Manager.

  • "Momexx gives us a lot of inspiration and help in design, and their cost savings program is very effective."

    Daniel Lee / Supplier Chain Manager.

  • "Momexx mold production is very professional, very timely service, looking forward to a more comprehensive cooperation."

    George Adams / Purchasing Manager.

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